Florida Capital Trust was co-founded by Kurt Westfield as a strategic investment fund, with a central focus on the acquisition and management of residential multifamily assets focused in strategic markets.

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"Our mission remains, to not be adequate in  every facet  of the business, but to be the best in one: adding value."  


Asset Manager | Kurt M. Westfield, MBA



Florida Capital Trust fund offers the diversification and income benefits of real estate investing, without the hassle and risk of managing and maintaining individual properties via long distance relationships.





Affiliated Business relationships with WC Equity Group (as investment firm providing access and analysis to acquisitions); Blue Peak Realty (as brokerage to all acquisition and sales); Clear Title Partners (as title & legal entity handling all closings). All entities are partially or wholly owned by the founding Trust Partner(s).




"We see real estate as the first alternative. It offers diversification from stocks and bonds and also provides a certain amount of protection against inflation due to a rental-income stream that is adjusted upward, often with escalation clauses in leases based on the consumer price index. While never immune, the sector is well prepared to tolerate a surprise from the economy", such as those generated by the mortgage crisis or COVID-19 pandemic.


"Occupancy across several subsectors is trending up and, in some sectors at least, is at peakish levels, which bodes well for rent growth,” said Vikram Malhotra, analyst at Morgan Stanley.


“It’s a favorable demand-supply dynamic." Market timing is such an important factor. Ideally, holding a rental portfolio is the key to wealth building but many will opt for a shorter hold period and sell in order to get into larger investments, REIT funds, or hedge against a market softening.