Florida Capital Trust was co-founded by Kurt Westfield as a strategic investment fund, with a central focus on the acquisition and management of residential multifamily assets focused in strategic markets.

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Our fund provides a complementary, winning combination of ongoing income streams and attractive total returns. Proven strategies emphasize sound investing in carefully researched, quality properties that have steady, long-term growth and appreciation potential.


“2015 was a very strong year for REIT investors,” said Brad Case. "2016 saw another year of solid returns as more international capital was pumped into REIT vehicles & 2017 brought additional innovation to a growing marketplace," notes Westfield, CEO of WC Equity Group, the parent company of real estate service brands. 2019 has rapidly picked up where Q4 2018 left off, with tertiary redevelopment and additional value-add opportunities thinning as shareholders seek secure returns. 2020 Q1 continues to push onward.  


Florida Capital Trust provides the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of investment properties without the hassle and inconvenience of being a landlord.


Non-traditional REIT investment products have averaged a 6-21% return on investment over a 10-Year Average in the market and we are realizing similar, or higher, returns thru our six-year portfolio, when the fund began operating (with higher returns [17-38%] thru our ten-year portfolio, when the principals begin operating proof of concept investments).

This is not a solicitation of an offer. Please read the Florida Capital Trust, LLC Memorandum before investing. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has not approved or disapproved issuance of shares or determined the accuracy of this information. This is an unregulated private fund and governed by no regulatory body, not limited to or including the SEC. Any projections, opinions, assumptions or estimates are for example only. Available to authorized investors only.