Florida Capital Trust was co-founded by Kurt Westfield as a strategic investment fund, with a central focus on the acquisition and management of residential multifamily assets focused in strategic markets.

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My firm has worked with Mr. Westfield and WC Equity Group for well over seven years. This involvement has given me a unique perspective on Mr. Westfield’s impressive acumen in relationship building and property acquisition, both of which are key components to thrive in our expanding marketplace. Companies are only as good as the infrastructure that surrounds them and WC Equity Group has a rock solid foundation. Kurt has assembled a Tier 1 network, comprised of agents, contractors, property managers, bankers, business owners, and insurance specialists throughout the State. With such a dynamic group of professionals at the ready, I have yet to see a situation arise that hasn’t been handled quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the strength of Kurt’s reputation continues to impress me, as I meet more of his colleagues and associates, most of whom are able to collaborative together adding further value to each other’s businesses and circle of influence. | Swafford Insurance


I have had the pleasure of working with Kurt on the acquisition of one of the properties he redeveloped. His firm is top notch in everything they do and they have a reputation of significantly improving their communities through high quality improvements and proactive management. The WC brand is well respected in the brokerage and rental marketplace and is known for being good landlords, buyers, and sellers. | Marcus & Millichap


We’ve been lending private capital exclusively in the Tampa Bay area since 2007. I’ve known Kurt Westfield for almost that long. In that time, he’s proven to be an excellent business partner, credible borrower, and good friend to me. In Tampa Bay, the area in which we both live, I consider both of us to have a good eye for real estate opportunities from both a real world perspective and financial perspective. Over the course of many years now, we have made money on every deal we have worked on together. I have been extremely impressed with Kurt’s ability to find a good deal, negotiate the right price, re-brand his properties to very high standards, and manage people well. Without any of these key traits a deal can fall apart or become unprofitable. My history with Kurt and knowledge of his skill set make me feel comfortable moving forward on any deals we work on in the future. | Gateway Capital


It has been a pleasure working with WC Equity for asset management.  They are responsive, timely, and understand the marketplaces they serve.  We appreciate their swift responsiveness and the market research they have at their disposal.  We at Laudan Properties would highly recommend WC Equity to anyone in need of investment advisory services and appreciate the partnership we’ve developed with Mr. Westfield and his team. | Laudan Properties


WC Equity Group is a top notch company to work with. Their commitment to addressing customers requirements and expectations is truly exceptional. They will work very closely with each individual investor and structure a plan to fit their specific needs and budget. In particular, Kurt Westfield is extremely responsive, very knowledgable, well respected and a leader in the industry. Very highly recommend working with WC Equity and their team. | Norkal Investments


Kurt and his team have been working with us and we are so grateful to have found his services. He is always professional, always responsive, and he is always sure to provide excellent advice in a timely manner. He will always answer any questions we have in detail and will take the time to ensure we have a deep understanding of the given situation. He is highly professional and I strongly recommend his services to anyone in need of a diligent, professional, kind, and highly knowledgable property advisor.  | Henderson Assets


From day one Kurt has been phenomenal. Having spent a decade in the mortgage servicing industry, I came to him with what I felt was a wealth of knowledge. After just one conversation with Kurt I quickly realized I was dealing with a highly intelligent, well-informed real estate expert that I needed to learn and benefit from. Each time I've spoken with him since has been a humbling yet motivational learning experience. Partnering with Kurt is one of the best decisions I have made and look towards the future with continued success and high expectations. | HSBC


Kurt has shined to a new level and went above and beyond anyone I have ever worked with, in any industry.  The level of service support and investigation that he has done was not comparable with any real estate company I had ever work with.  He took my request, with all challenges, to heart and as a personal matter, made sure I was successful in the purchase and gaining in the sale.  Thank you and I am looking forward to working with you in the near future. | Zeiter LLC


Kurt Westfield, WC Equity Group